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1023 Springdale Road, Building 6B
Austin, TX, 78721
United States

Austin's favorite stationery shop and workshop studio.

About Us

Hey there paper friends!

I'm Pei and I'm the owner + founder of The Paper + Craft Pantry.

My goal for this small business has always been simple: Provide our retail guests with the very best independently designed stationery and paper goods. And to host weekly creative workshops where our community can gather and learn from knowledgable instructors. As an entrepreneur, I have been featured by and have gotten to work with so many incredible companies and publications.

I love serving the world by creating a space where everyone who walks through our doors feel welcomed and supported. It’s also pure magic when someone finds the perfect card for their loved ones or when someone lights up after learning something new in one of our workshops.

The things I am most passionate in life are paper (obviously), travel, food and trying to squeeze in a nap.

When I’m not at work, you can find me spending time with my husband and two pups. I’m also a big fan of trying out new recipes in the kitchen as well as am a self proclaimed creative dabbler- from various fiber arts to painting, I get crafty and creative as a part of my daily routine!

The Paper + Craft Pantry's owner + founder.


When did you begin your small business journey? 

I began my small business journal in the fall of 2013 with a small stationery line that I sold online as well as at in-person markets and events.

How did you get started?

I started small, I mean small. I knew I loved paper and wanted to dive into the stationery world so I started out with designing 10-12 stationery designs and turning them into greeting cards. Getting feedback at those in-person markets and events were so crucial to help me learn what designs resonated with people, even learn how to price my products. I really don't think this was anything anyone could have done for me, I had to do the work and get out there to learn the ins and outs of small business ownership. That's a huge reason I am a huge advocate for anyone in the small business industry, or interests in starting a business to just do it! No one else can do it for you :) 

Will you speak at my event/are you open to collaborations or sponsor partnerships?

I am always interested in supporting our community here in Austin, as well as the small business community in general. Please reach out my emailing for all collaboration partnerships.  

Do you offer one-on-one small business consulting?

Running a small business is a full time job y'all! And at this time, I am unable to take on any consulting roles. However, here are several small business related blog posts in our Small Business School Blog Series that I think may be helpful to you- I've linked them below for you :)

p.s. I also want to encourage you to seek out knowledge, take a small business workshop, sign up for that marketing webinar, heck, use Google! Be resourceful, join some networking groups in your city, connect with like minded people- go out, and do the work!





Studio Assistant

When I am not busy, you can find me crocheting, looking at plants, trying a new craft, or eating! I’m sure many of y’all can relate to this - coming to the Paper + Craft Pantry and seeing Pei’s awesome plants has definitely eased me into the world of houseplants. Turns out, it’s super fun and rewarding to see them grow! I love going on new creative endeavors - there’s a really unique satisfaction to making something and then having that feeling of, “wow! I just made this!” 

The things I am most passionate about in life are people’s stories! I like to hear about the experiences that have shaped a person into who they are. I think maybe that’s why I like paper - with modern technology moving everything so quickly, it’s nice to slow down. Going analog every now and then makes for more meaningful and lasting interactions.

Most days you can find me contemplating on if I should get bubble tea. Lately I've been considering trying to make my own perfect milk tea, to help cut down on the plastic cups that pretty much every tea house uses! If you have any tips for this, send them my way :) 

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Studio + Workshop Assistant

When I'm not at my favorite stationery shop, you can find me hanging out with my dog, watercoloring or going on a run around Austin! There are so many great trails and neighborhoods to run through.

The things I'm most passionate about in life are supporting small locally owned businesses (like P+CP) and creativity! I feel successful if at the end of the day, I've been able to make something with my hands.

And getting to work at P+CP has given me the opportunity to help others find what they need to be creative in their lives too!