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2016 Weekly Worksheets

Pei Sim

It's crazy to think we are already well into 2016 as we near the end of January! By now, most of you have already set your rad goals for the year and are feeling really inspired to make this year your best year yet! 

But what happens as the months progress? Do you find yourself scrambling and frazzled towards to end of every year wondering where time has gone? 

We've whipped up a couple of weekly worksheets to help you stay on track and reach your goals! Each sheet was created with the intent to simplify and create a clear visual for the days ahead because planning = success! 


#MakeItHappen2016 Worksheet: A place for you to get organized and map out each week! 

What you'll find: 

  • Choose a weekly focus (This can be as simple as a word or even a short phrase/quote)
  • Identify your top three priorities (Non-negotiables that WILL get done this week!) 
  • Three categories of goals (Work, Personal and Health) 
  • Organized list of important meetings, calls and emails
  • A space to celebrate what you achieved during the week and a reminder space for what you did't get to, but will accomplish next week! 

Download the #MakeItHappen2016 Worksheet Here

The Weekly Wellness Tracker: If your accountability partner were a piece of paper, this would be it! 

What you'll find: 

  • Identify your weekly wellness and fitness goals
  • Plan and track your weekly workouts 
  • Weekday and weekend meal planning
  • A space for your grocery list

Download the Wellness Tracker Here

We've left room on both worksheets for you to get creative, doodle away, and really make these  fit into your life. 

Our hope is that these worksheets support you through the entire year, and can play a small role as you make 2016, YOUR year!