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Team Halloween: The Everyday Princesses

Pei Sim

Paper Craft Pantry Blog Halloween Modern Everyday Princesses

With only 18 days left until Halloween, we, like most, have been scrambling for the perfect costume.  Somehow there is always an intention to coordinate something months in advance, but let’s be honest… how many times has that actually happened? Before you know it, it’s the end of October and you’re staring into your closet trying to figure out how to throw something together with what you have or use just use the same costume as last year (...and the year before that). Take it from us, we’ve totally been there!

So this year when we sat down to brainstorm, we knew we wanted to choose something that was accessible but still unique. There’s nothing worse than showing up to a party as the fifth or sixth person in cat ears…

To achieve this, we knew we wanted to find a costume that incorporated staple pieces we were likely to have in our closets or be able to source pieces we could add to our existing wardrobes. We also knew we wanted to coordinate our costumes as a team, so we instinctively turned to one of the classics — Disney princesses! And naturally, we also threw in a tiny D.I.Y. element to each of our costumes.

Here’s our take on Snow White, Pocahontas, Ariel and Cinderella as IRL princesses.

Snow White (aka Maggie)

Snow White's style is all about primary colors! So, it was fairly easy to piece this costume together. This outfit was almost completely sourced from items Maggie already had in her closet — she just added an adorable vintage scarf that Chelsea found during our team trip to Round Top and a D.I.Y. glitter apple.

Pocahontas (aka Pei)

Lucky for us, suede is in style right now! Pei found this simple button down skirt for under $20 and accessorized with a leather cord headband, chunky gold jewelry and a D.I.Y. faux leather hide pouch. 

Ariel (aka Chelsea)

A purple crop top and green maxi skirt are the perfect solution for this everyday princess. We highly doubt today's Little Mermaid would be walking the streets in a seashell bikini top. So, to incorporate them into her costume, Chelsea accessorized with a D.I.Y. seashell headband, an adorable seashell phone case and a little sass to match. 

Cinderella (aka Emily)

Since Cinderella has such a recognizable style, ideas for this outfit came pretty easily. The powder blue tulle skirt and D.I.Y. velvet choker were must-haves, but it still needed something to make it a little more "everyday." Emily accessorized with a Pumpkin Spice Latte to round out this quintessential princess. 

We hope you feel just as inspired as we did to think outside of the box for your costume this year. Whether you re-imagine a classic or re-invent the wheel, we'd love to see what you come up with! Remember: just because it's last-minute doesn’t mean it has to look thrown together!  

Happy Halloween!