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12 Days of Christmas Mail

Pei Sim

Holiday Greeting Cards at The Paper Craft Pantry, Austin, Texas

Happy December!

Are you as surprised as we are that it's already the holiday season? If there is one thing we love more than snail mail, it's snail mail during the holidays!

Sending a little surprise in the mail to your loved ones not only brightens their day, but will give them an excuse to slow down for a few minutes to read your sweet card. Holiday cards don't have to be strictly for Christmas! We believe that getting card some extra snail mail during the winter months makes everyone a little happier when it feels like everything is little more crowded, traffic is a worse than usual, and everyone seems to be in such a hurry. 

'Tis the season to make spirits bright! So, we've rounded up 12 of our favorite cards for the special someone(s) in your life below:

1. For Your Significant Other

Happy Holiday Greeting Cards

2. For Your BFF

Best Friend Christmas Card

3. For Someone in Your Family

Merry Christmas Holiday Greeting Card

4. For Your Very Best Business Bestie

Merry Christmas New Year Greeting Card

5. For Your Favorite Co-Worker + Lunch Buddy

Holiday Christmas Greeting Card

6. For Your Boss

Christmas Snail Mail

7. For Your Favorite Neighbor

Holiday Letter Press Greeting Card

8. For Your Child (or kiddo in your life)

Christmas Card Snail Mail

9. For Your Mailman

Holiday Snail Mail

10. For Your Local Barista

Merry Christmas Happy Holidays Card

11. For Your Dog Sitter

Warm Holiday Christmas Wishes Snail Mail

12. For A Stranger Whose Day You Want To Brighten

Holiday Christmas Snail Mail Card

Wishing you all a warm and festive holiday season full of snail mail!