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The Paper + Craft Pantry blog is home to our latest DIY projects, current inspiration sources, and small business advice. 

Meet Our Summer '16 Studio Crew

Pei Sim

You've browsed the shelves, followed us on Insta, and attended a workshop... but have you met the brains behind The Paper + Craft Pantry?

Between a dancer turned stationer, Internet-famous photographer, and aspiring management consultant, we've been privy to a wealth of diverse talents and strong passions this summer. Together we're lucky to have formed a solid Summer 2016 Team that has overcome anything from the daily work grind to unexpected surprises.

One of the best things about working at the P+CP is the conversations we get to have with guests who walk through our doors and getting to know the community. Now it's our turn to share a bit about ourselves! Read on for an up-close-and-personal look at our teammates!

What's your job at The Paper + Craft Pantry?

Pei: Owner + Chief Stationery Enthusiast.
Lucia: The best intern in the house! Just kidding. Jr. Social Media Manager and jack of all trades.
Chelsea: Creative Director + in-house comedienne.

Favorite thing being sold in the shop?

Pei: Everything! Each piece and product was carefully selected to fill this little stationery shop!
Lucia: I don't mind playing favorites... I can't get enough of the designs from Paula and Waffle and The Little Red House!
Chelsea: The notebooks from Merry Keem + all of the Le Pens!

What did you want to be while growing up?

Pei: I never really knew what I wanted to be when I grew up; I dabbled in a lot of different things until I found myself in the small business world!
Lucia: This is embarrassing, but an actress! It's still my dream to work in the film/TV industry though.
Chelsea: I wanted to be a photographer when I was growing up and then... well I became one!

Which blogs should we be following?

Pei: I've had a super big girl crush on Sugar and Cloth for several years now! I mean, just take a peek at their blog and Instagram feed, and you'll see why!
Lucia: Local Milk for the pics and prose. Nutrition Stripped for the health inspo. Green Kitchen Stories for the recipes.
Chelsea: So many! Writes Like a Girl, A Taste of Koko, Pieceology, Skunkboy, and Oh, Joy! just to name a few! Oh... and Splendid Rags!

Go-to snack when the munchies hit?

Pei: Coconut rice cakes (a childhood treat from Singapore)
Lucia: Currently loving nut butter-stuffed dates or a cold-pressed juice!
Chelsea: Almonds + golden raisins!

Favorite ice cream flavor?

Pei: Sprinkles with a side of vanilla ice cream.
Lucia: I can't say no to Dolce Neve's Ricotta Honey & Pistachio...
Chelsea: Texas Sheet Cake by Lick!

Now that we've talked about ice cream... what's your favorite workout?

Pei: That's a tough one! My weekly workout routine includes a blend of yoga, pilates, and spin!
Lucia: Honestly just good ol' weight training!
Chelsea: Swimming and deep water weightlifting!

Favorite local restaurant to haunt?

Pei: Casa Colombia for their arepas and empanadas!
Lucia: Does Whole Foods count?
Chelsea: Um I'm head over heels for Irene's right now!

Name your favorite Austin-y thing to do!

Pei: I really love exploring the Green Belt!
Lucia: Morning runs on Town Lake!
Chelsea: Swimming at Barton Springs, followed by sipping coffee outside somewhere and reading a book.

What song has been stuck in your head recently?

Pei: Probably a Bieber song.
Lucia: OHMYGOODNESS I am so obsessed with Hamilton right now.
Chelsea: "Heart It Races" by Dr. Dog, always!

And finally... what's a skill you want to learn?

Pei: Full transparency, I feel terribly awkward in front of the camera. So I'd love to get more comfortable both in front of and behind the camera!
Lucia: To dance! I am beyond uncoordinated.
Chelsea: I want to learn... to kickbox. Totally not kidding. Also to bake!