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How-To: Organize Your Workspace

Pei Sim

 How to Organize Your Office Space for Optimum Productivity

As a small business creative and founder of The Paper + Craft Pantry, Pei Sim is not stranger to how productivity and workflow can correlate to how organized your space feels. 

For those of you who follow us or who have been into our business, you know we operate as a retail shop + workshop event studio. And most of you can guess that even when we aren't open, there's a lot of work that goes on behind the scenes to run a growing business. 

This month, we're taking a peek into Pei's home office and studio and chatted with her about how she stays on top of everything she juggles for The Paper + Craft Pantry by setting herself up for success with her personal work space. Recently she enlisted the help of her dear friend, Denise Roberts, owner of Love Ding to help her up the game of her home office + studio in an adorable and functional way that inspire and motivate her to get through the daily to-dos. Keep reading for Pei's tips on which organization tricks keep her most productive when she's working from home! 

 Tips for Organizing Your Workspace
 Organization Tips for Your Office Space

One of the first things we noticed when we stepped inside Pei's office was the abundance of natural light. We know that natural lighting may not be always an option for everyone, so one of Pei's suggestion is to switch out your lightbulbs for a natural bulb. Making this small change to your ceiling fan or lamp can switch your mood and put you in the mindset to get to work! 

Pei also keeps her desk space fairly clean and minimal; her laptop + notebook beside a desk lamp, lavender mist, candle, and a few little things she uses regularly. This really leaves room for her to spread out projects and work on a larger surface. 

  • Keep only what is essential on your desk
  • Place tools + things you use frequently within reach
  • If you don't have access to natural light, swap out your light bulb for a daylight bulb!
  • Set the tone for a "get to work mindset" Like lighting a candle before starting your work
 How to Organize Your Office Space to get more stuff done
 How to Organize Your Workspace for more productivity
 How to Organize Your Office Space for Optimum Productivity

The very top of her desk drawer is full of supplies that don't necessarily need to be out on her desk, but are things she uses often. Here's a list of what Pei keeps in her top desk drawer: 

  • Washi tape, page flats, notecards
  • Correspondence notes and pre-stamped envelopes
  • Misc. cords + chargers
  • Her set of Be With cards (prompts for little acts of self-care) 
  • Check book + receipts to sort (Not pictured: under the lid of one tray)
  • Poppin trays from The Container Store come in an array of colors **bonus: they stack and can be configured to fit almost any drawer!
  • Head to the kitchen section of Target and pick up utensil drawer dividers, which are often nicer than the plastic desk drawer dividers.
  • Take a moment to look through what jars, boxes or trays you might already have lying around and repurpose them for your workspace.
 How to Organize Your Office Space for Optimum Productivity
 How to Organize Your Office Space for Optimum Productivity

Besides tucking things away in drawers, Pei now uses the giant pegboard wall installation that Denise designed for her space as a part of the office + studio Spruce Kit. It makes a huge statement in the space. And because of this beautiful handcrafted piece, Pei is able to display her craft supplies and tools while keeping them all readily accessible! The pegs in the board can also be moved and reconfigured to suit what she currently uses and what she needs. 

To keep things visible yet neat, she uses clear glass and acrylic containers to corral paintbrushes, markers, paints and inks on top of wooden shelves. Several pegs were also left empty to hang her ever growing scissor collection, which now features some of her favorite pairs! 

  • Use clear containers and jars so you can easily see what's inside
  • Mix and match materials (metals, woods, neutral tones etc.) to help everything feel cohesive
  • Keep only what you truly use regularly out on display
  • No room for a big pegboard? Floating wall shelves are a great alternative!
  • Take your time to try out a set-up, and don't be afraid to switch things up to make everything truly functional for your needs!

Inspired to re-design your own desk space and office? Snap a picture on Instagram and tag us in it @thepapercraftpantry so we can see :)

 How to Organize Your Office Space for Optimum Productivity
 Love Ding Pegboard Trends Organizing Your Workspace

Interior Styling by: Love Ding

Photography by: Diana Ascarrunz Photography