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D.I.Y.: Rope Jewelry Holder

Pei Sim

Simple DIY Rope Dishes for your collections of rings, keys, tchotchkies and knick-knacks

We're extremely guilty of hoarding cute little tchotchkes, including but not limited to miscellaneous crafting and office supplies, on our desks. Sometimes you just need a spot to gather all these odds and ends in one place! 

This month's D.I.Y. uses three materials you are likely to already have around your home, and we're particularly loving that it adds a little natural-meets-minimalist vibe to our desk decor with the perfect little pop of color! Whip these up in a matter of minutes and have the perfect way to organize all the knick-knacks you have lying around or dumped into drawers.

For Pei's home office organization tips, head over to this behind-the-scenes peek on the blog of her recently renovated studio space. 

Organize your room by learning how to make a DIY ring dish from 5 simple materials


  • 3/8" Cotton Cord
  • Embroidery Floss (in your favorite colors)
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Scissors
  • Small dish or bowl

1. Flip your dish or bowl upside down and add a little dab of hot glue to the end of the cotton cord and start wrapping the base of the dish. 

2. Apply hot glue on the cord as you coil it around the dish *pro-tip: wait until the entire bowl has finished cooling before you pick off the "strings" of hot glue!* 

3. As you reach the edge of the base of your bowl, continue to work down the sides of the dish and your cord will shape to the dish. 

4. For an added pop of color and to finish off the top of our rope dish, we used embroidery floss to secure + wrap around the end! 

5. Make as many as you like! Use different size dishes or bowls to create a whole set, or group of nesting rope ring dishes :) 

Simple DIY Rope Dishes made for rings, keys, tchotchkies and knick-knacks
Learn how to make a simple DIY ring dish out of rope
Craft a DIY rope bowl jewelry holder from 5 simple materials you already have at home