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D.I.Y.: Fold Over Every Day Clutch

Pei Sim

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It may come as a shock, but the one thing that I haven't gotten around to learning is how to sew on a sewing machine. Which is honestly a good thing, because it sort of gives me some boundaries when it comes to narrowing down new D.I.Y. projects. Like most creatives, I personally tote around (no pun intended), a fairly large bag that houses everything that I need for the day. This includes but is not limited to the following: my phone, laptop, laptop charger, main planner, secondary planner, main notebook, secondary notebook, to-do list, wallet, checkbook, water bottle, snacks... Point is, there's a lot of stuff that just gets tossed in.

Naturally, finding specific things in the abyss—that is my tote—can be a nightmare. And one of my most infamous and most said sentences throughout the day is "Where's my phone?" If I'm being honest, most of the time it's buried in the bottom of my bag.

So, I knew I needed something that would be versatile, fit inside a bag (because everyone needs a bag inside a bag right?), and would require little to no sewing.

This extremely simple clutch double duties as a place to house my important, smaller items—even stationery. And it's versatility allows me to use it as a "proper" purse when running to and from meetings, without having to lug my entire work tote with me!

It also happens to be the perfect travel companion, if you're traveling this summer- you're going to want to download our free ultimate travel check list here!





Paper Craft Pantry DIY Craft Blog Travel Every Day Clutch
  • Canvas cloth
  • Heatbond tape
  • Leather cord
  • Thread + Needle
  • Ruler
  • Scissors

Step One: Cut your base canvas cloth (this will be the "body" of your clutch) 6.5" across and approximately 13" long. *Pro-tip: Cutting the fabric a little larger than you want is a good rule of thumb, you can always trim off the access*

Step Two: Cut your secondary canvas cloth (this will become the fold-over flap of your clutch) 6.5" across and approximately 6" long. *Pro-tip: You can choose to cut your fold-over into an angle like I did or get creative on your own*

Step Three: Using the heat bond tape, add the adhesive to the edges of the clutch body and iron on following the directions. Repeat the same to attach the fold-over portion.

Step Four: With a little whip stitch, I stitched on some leftover leather cord to wrap around the clutch!

Step Five: Fill with your smaller, loose items so you'll always know where to find them for every day use. Use as a casual clutch on your next night out! Or even as an additional bag for your next trip!

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