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D.I.Y.: Summer Stitched Bandanas

Pei Sim

Do it Yourself Summer Stitched Bandana Accessory

We're all about adding a little bit of fun into our every day, and we couldn't pass up a way to upgrade a simple cotton bandana for your summer wardrobe.

With some summer inspiration, we stitched up an accessory that is so cute you can even whip one up for your furbaby (warning: cute puppy photos, below)

DIY Embroidered Summer Scarves
DIY Embroidered Summer Bandanas



  • Needle + Embroidery Floss
  • Paper + Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Optional: Sewing Machine

Step One:

Fold and iron your bandana the way you want to wear it (as a scarf, tied to your bag or as a little bandana for your fur baby. 

Step Two:

Sketch out the design you want to stitch to your fabric. Remember to keep your drawing simple. The more details the harder it will be to mimic with your embroidery floss. Since we were going for a summertime theme, we settled on a watermelon, popsicle, pineapple and tree. 

Step Three:

Trace the outline of your design in pencil onto the fabric. (Don't worry if you make stray marks. You can always handwash any visible lines out with soap and water). 

Step Four:

Use various types of embroidery stitches (running stitch, back stitch and satin stitch are the most popular) to complete your design.

Step Five: (Optional)

If you're making a bandana for your pet, simply measure the length of their collar and trim down the bandana accordingly. The longest end of the trimmed bandana should match the length of the collar. Once it does, fold the bandana once over the collar and sew along that edge. Your pet's collar will be able to feed into the bandana to make for a hassle-free accessory!

And, Ta-da! You're all finished. Don't forget to tag us on Instagram @thepapercraftpantry with a photo of your completed design! 

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