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Round Up: 10 Best Places for French Fries in Austin

Pei Sim

The Best French Fries in Austin, Texas According to The Paper + Craft Pantry

Happy National French Fry Day!

In case you missed it we have a slight (okay, a big) obsession with fries. It's not unusual for a Paper + Craft Pantry meeting to involve heated debates over which place in Austin has the best fries, or figuring which one of us is making a run to pick up some for our mid-afternoon snack attacks. Hey, hey. We didn't say this was a healthy obsession! ;) In the words of Daisy Natives, we're your typical "Fries before Feelings" type of gals. 

So, in order to spread some of the french fry love today, we put together a list (in no particular order) of our favorite locally-owned spots that serve up THE BEST fries in town! Have a personal favorite that we didn't mention? Let us know in the comments below! 

Hillside Farmacy -

Malt & vinegar y'all. Also, their restaurant decor is adorable and historically accurate for this converted 1950s drugstore. 

Komé Sushi Kitchen -

You're probably shocked a sushi restaurant has good fries, but we promise these wasabi waffle fries are what's up! 

Hopdoddy Burger Bar -

Dare we say it? Their burgers are top notch but their Parmesan truffle fries are the real reason this is one of Pei's favorite places to dine. That, and their milkshakes! 

Chilantro -

This Austin food truck turned Korean BBQ mogul found a way to make fries an actual meal by allowing you to add protein. Plus, their homemade kimchi is the perfect amount of spice + tang! 

Hyde Park Bar & Grill -

Buttermilk-fried, secret sauce-d and crispy potato-y goodness. What more could you want? 

Parkside -

These otherwise traditional fries are tossed with shallots and garlic, and probably not the best pick for a date-night...but for every other night we definitely approve! 

Black Star Co-Op -

These might just be Emily's favorite! The potatoes are cut into thick wedge-style chips, and covered in garlic cloves, salt and pepper. But don't forget to "add cheese!"

P. Terry's -

Do yourself a favor and get yourself a classic burger + shake to go with your side of perfectly crispy, skin-on fries! 

Clark's Oyster Bar -

The crispiest, stringiest shoe string fries you've ever laid (heart) eyes on.

Dan's Hamburgers -

You can't have a list of the best fries in town without including curly fries... These are crispy, cajun and completely addicting!