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Austin's favorite stationery shop and workshop studio.


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The Monthly Edit: September 2019

Pei Sim


Happy middle of September friends! I swear having a long weekend to kick off the month kinda threw me for a loop and I promise I had the very best intentions to have this published earlier this month. But here we are… it’s September 16th. I truly do love sharing these months posts with you guys and hope I can continue to hold myself to doing this monthly. So if you do love reading these, let me know in the comments below :)



A quick look back at August:

1. Unpacked so many boxes of stationery and goodies for y’all - we welcomed a several new designers into our shop and they’re amazing!

2. We welcomed the fourth member to our team. Y’all, these women who run our shop are fellow paper lovers and if you haven’t already met them, be sure to say hi when you come in next. I feel so blessed to have all of them as a part of the P+CP.

3. Okay so really it was end of August/early September but we closed our shop for the entire Labor Day Weekend so we could all enjoy a full weekend off! As a small business who operates in retail + workshops, we are open every weekend so it’s such a treat to get an entire weekend off :)

Things happening this month:


What we’re excited about: we’re hosting our first ever plant swap party/community event. Everyone will bring a plant to swap, mix, mingle and make new plant friends as well as get entered to win a super amazing plant themed raffle! The ticket for this event will be 100% donated to Urban Roots.



What we’re excited about: we have so many great workshops weekly an we love all our instructors. However, it is a super special treat when we have instructors who come in from out of town (and out of state!) to share their knowledge with you in our studio!

It really is such a treat (not to mention a huge HONOR) that we get to host some insanely talented artists and women in our studio from all over the U.S.A.

If you love positivity and lettering, you need to know about Shelly. And if you love travel and painting, you need to know about Chelsea. Go give them a follow :)



We have been unpacking and unboxing so much paper goodness I can’t even begin to tell you about them all! From brand new designers that are making our card wall look extra good, to new planners for all you paper planner people, and even more scissors and desk goodies! So if you haven’t been by the shop, you’re going to want to!

Photo Aug 28, 8 50 10 PM.jpg
Photo Sep 12, 7 22 44 PM.jpg
Photo Sep 12, 7 28 40 PM.jpg
Photo Aug 20, 8 33 15 PM.jpg

Currently Loving


Dangerously close to the shop + studio, I cannot believe I just discovered this place. Probably because I have been on a gluten free (99% of the time) diet since 2006-ish. But lately I’ve noticed it’s not been affecting me and I’m not reacting with my usual symptoms when I have gluten. I’m calling it my new found gluten super powers haha

p.s. They don’t serve matcha here, this was “delivered” to me by my favorite matcha maker in town :)

Photo Sep 16, 9 21 08 PM.jpg

Life Lately

You guys, I’m in my third trimester. OMG. I feel very large and very sweaty all the time. Being pregnant in the summer in Texas is B-R-U-T-A-L. I’ve been feeling insanely grateful to have such a solid foundation with the business, through almost 6 full years of self-employment and small business ownership to be able to really slow down even though I don’t want to. I’m grateful that although I am definitely always going to still be learning and growing as a business owner, I have grown to a point where I feel (mostly) confident to take a little bit of a step back and have faith that the business will continue without me being 100% in it all the time. I say mostly only because you can never quite let go completely, I truly just love everything about having a shop, studio and small business so much.

To think when I first opened the shop I was the one working every single day, which I loved but also burn out is real you guys! And now although I’m not there every single day, I know you guys are still getting the very best experience in our shop through our small but mighty team. Not physically being there during shop hours has allowed me to work from my office in the mornings (so I’m not stuck in traffic, because having to use the bathroom every 20 mins sucks when you are in traffic haha) and it has also allowed me the flexibility of going to pre-natal yoga classes, doctors appointments, or even just being able to rest after staying up all night feeling sick or uncomfortable.

Anyway to keep this short, I wanted to share just a few fun updates:

  • So far, no one has tried to touch my belly. Besides the dogs who like to snuggle me and Evan when I give him permission to feel a kick :)

  • The hardest thing I feel like I’m dealing with (amongst quite a number of things) is unsolicited advice…. I’ve gotten (and trust me I’m getting a ton of it and I’m trying to just brush them off because OMG, people need to really think before they speak sometimes!). This has happened with friends, family and strangers alike. Sometimes saying nothing is best even if you think you have the best intentions.

  • The weirdest symptom currently, I swear this changes weekly, is insane join pain in my right hip specifically. It hurts to walk at the end of the day or even go from sitting to standing. I think its the gravity of the belly pushing down on my pelvis all day? Who knows.

  • The best thing that’s happening is that I feel like it all feels a little more real now that I can feel it move a lot more. I know Evan gets a kick (pun intended) when he gets to feel it move. One time it kicked/punched so hard that it made Evan’s hand on my belly move completely off!

Thanks for taking the time to read this late monthly edit post - I’m going to go ahead and congratulate myself for at least getting it done in the same month ;) Also, this marks our 6th consecutive monthly edit blog post so that’s also something worth celebrating right?

The Monthly Edit: August 2019

Pei Sim


Happy August friends!

It’s been so freaking hot in Austin I’ve personally been dying anytime I have to go outside- even walking to and from the car feels insane! It’s still hard to believe we’re in the thick of summer and there’s a potential it’s just going to get hotter and probably stay this warm until November. July went by so quickly but perhaps because we all blacked out from the heat haha. But most likely it went by quickly because I spent over 15 days in Hawaii (more on that below).

Read on below to see what all is going on both in the shop as well as for me :)


1. Great (in)side Walk Sale

We held our first ever sale in our studio! We opened up our studio space to some fellow small businesses in town for an afternoon of fun! It was so great putting together mystery bags for stationery and greeting cards. And giving an opportunity to all of you who support us a chance to score some great deals not only with us but with our friends too!

2. Finally got our new window shades installed in our shop!

We ordered these shades in early June and they arrived a few weeks later. But y’all it was a whole ordeal trying to find someone who could install them. The sheer size of the shades as well as how tall our windows are made it complicated, but to boot there’s apparently metal behind the sheet rock. Let’s just say EVERYTHING takes a longer time than you think.

3. Released ALL summer workshops! Yep, all the way through the end of September!

We have SO many fun things happening for the rest of summer. If you’re like us and also dreading how hot it is here in town, peek at our calendar soon and grab your tickets. We’d love to hang out with you in our studio to beat the heat!



We only have a few more tickets left to our workshops this month! You’re not going to want to miss out ;)



Join us for an afternoon of nostalgic summer fun as we play around with tie dye!

This fun, interactive D.I.Y. should take between 30-45 mins and you can show up anytime between 2pm-4pm to get your craft on!

You’ll get to dye a cotton bandana plus up to two additional pieces you bring from home (examples of what to bring: white cotton t-shirts, tank tops, pillow cases, tote bags etc. Keep in mind that cotton/natural fabrics will dye better and be mindful to only bring a couple of small-medium items to dye so everyone else can also participate!)

Pieceology Vintage will also have a curated rack of vintage whites you can purchase to dye!

All materials for this workshop will be provided and you'll leave with 2-3 magical tie dyed pieces to enjoy this summer!

Photo Jul 27, 11 41 26 AM.jpg


I’m headed to New York for this year’s Stationery Show + NYNOW this weekend! It’ll be a short trip and definitely more focused on work because I’m on a mission to really seek out some amazing new businesses to work with. It’ll likely be a little bit before I venture to any other trade shows so I plan on making the most of this trip. I’m a little nervous about flying (it’s insanely uncomfortable these days) and also I’m worried about my energy levels because there are days when I feel 100% and other days where I just feel wiped out. But regardless, looking forward to seeing both old and new friends in New York soon!

If you have any recommendations for New York, let me know below. And definitely follow along if you want to peek at some BTS stuff on Instagram!


Without going into too much detail, I’m working on rolling out a few workshop kits as well as a new custom stationery feature for the shop. It’s been something y’all have all been asking for and something I’ve been wanting to bring to life so stay tuned!


The Hawaii Trip + Fire

A lot of you guys know we were in Hawaii for the 4th for a planned 9 day trip, that trip turned into a 15 day trip because of a 10,000 acre fire in Central Maui that left us basically stranded in our car for 4 hours. First of all, let me tell you how horrible that is when you have to pee every 20 mins. The fire caused the only roads in Maui that went south towards Kihei, where our Airbnb was to be closed as well as burned through power lines so we also had zero signal on our phones and businesses were unable to take credit cards.

We ended up on the North West of Maui near Kanapali around 5pm and were thinking we would just go to dinner and be able to drive back once they contained the fire in the evening. I don’t think we realized how serious it was until we heard on the radio (yep phones still not working here) that they were evacuating just North of Kihei and the fire was 0% contained. They had opened up shelters at local schools for both visitors and residents. I’m normally not a fancy person and would’ve totally been fine for an adventure or even camping out in our car but again, not ideal when you’re 5+ months along.

We pulled into the first hotel we saw and it’s funny that it ended up being the hotel we stayed at when we were in Maui 2+ years ago for Evan’s company trip. There was a super long line in the lobby of people who were in a similar situation all looking for a place to stay, at least for the night. I think this was when I was starting to kinda get worried. I was able to log onto the hotel wifi to see if they had rooms available and booked the first room I saw online (it was STEEP) but I felt like it was important for us to just be able to shower and sleep in an actual bed after such a long eventful day.

As we were checking in, we heard the hotel manager announce to others in line that they were fully occupied for the night and they were actually having to turn people away. I’m still proud of myself for thinking to get online and book a room/being pretty good about handling stressful situations. The lady checking us in looked at us weird because I just had a little fanny pack, and Evan had a tote back with our beach stuff- no luggage. So I told her about our day and she was extremely nice and offered us a discounted rate for our room. When she gave us the keys she automatically asked us if we needed help with our bags. And right after she said that, she said “oh wait, you guys don’t have any…” we all got a good laugh at that because it was true, we literally only had the clothes we had on (which was a swim suit basically).

To wrap up this Hawaii fire fiasco, I’ll fast forward a little- we ended up leaving the hotel around 7am when they had opened up the roads. The fire was still not contained at this point but we didn't want to risk getting stuck again and decided to just get on the road. We made it back to our Airbnb with just enough time to check out before heading to where Evan’s family were staying (we ended up staying with them in their hotel because we couldn’t find another place to stay on such short notice) and it was so fun getting to spend extra time with family.

Here’s a short list of things we did in Hawaii:

We stayed here for the first part of the trip, this hotel was where we crashed for the night from the fire, and here’s the gorgeous place Evan’s family stayed at (and were gracious enough to let us crash with them for the remainder of our time in Maui)

Best noodles (love their garlic noodles), favorite mixed plate + dole whip/Ube soft serve, my favorite shrimp chips are from here (they also have great poké in their deli area), great seafood spot, our favorite shrimp truck on the island (loved the spicy pineapple), amazing bakery with a great gf selection (their Ube Mochi Bread was my favorite), best shave ice (get the Mac nut ice-cream to go on the bottom!), and right next to shave ice they make fresh Portuguese donuts (malasadas) daily, and last but not least, favorite spot for smoothies and acai bowls, and we ate here one night as a special meal (it’s pricy but worth it!).

Photo Jul 04, 9 10 31 PM.jpg
Photo Jul 06, 11 48 47 AM.jpg
Photo Jul 04, 8 12 57 PM.jpg
Photo Jul 09, 3 11 08 PM.jpg
Photo Jul 06, 9 47 15 PM.jpg
Photo Jul 14, 6 21 09 PM.jpg
Photo Jul 07, 3 50 31 PM (1).jpg

Baby Update

So much has happened since I shared the last update- I appreciate all of the kind messages and words of love + support :) Now that we’re in August, I’m officially in month 6 of growing a human. WHAT?! It still feels a little surreal and I still have days where everything feels like normal- in addition to days where I want to sleep for 14 hours.

There are so many strange things that happen to your body (all of you mom’s out there know) and it’s almost comically funny. I feel like nothing really prepares you for all the WEIRD things that happen.

Latest/weirdest symptom: my contacts no longer want to fit my little eyeballs… I’m not joking. So if you’ve seen me in my glasses more these days, that’s why. My prescription/vision has also changed, apparently this is very normal and will go back to my normal prescription after all of this.

Mood swings are real- I find myself getting upset sometimes and then laughing a few minutes later. There was one day when Evan asked if I wanted him to bring me anything (specifically dessert) and I told him no. When he got home without dessert, I was actually angry he came home empty handed haha.

I can no longer eat a ton of food all in one sitting, I get full really fast and literally feel like I’m so stuffed. And then an hour later I’m hungry again.

Current craving: pancakes and cherry tomatoes. And for the record I have never liked cherry tomatoes before!

Fun surprise: I have gluten super powers- I usually eat gluten free after being diagnosed with Celiac back in 2006. My reactions are not that severe, usually an upset stomach, a rash on my legs (sometimes on my face), gluten zits on my chin (attractive I know) But in the past few weeks I noticed I’m not reacting in the same way, so I’ve been taking advantage, within reason, to indulge a little bit. Don’t worry, I’m doing it in moderation but also 100% enjoying this temporary new found freedom.

Cutest things the dogs have done: Harley has become more attached to me than usual (and he already is pretty attached lol) he follows me everywhere when I’m home and sits in the door way like he’s guarding the entry way. Fig has also started bringing her toys and placing them on my belly. It’s pretty cute, I thought maybe it was a fluke but she kept doing it one night!

Anyway, I’m going to wrap up this post with the most unflattering photo of me, but also #goals I hope to find myself like this more often. Sound machine, humidifier, all the pillows + the dogs :) In case you guys think I’m killing it at life, growing a human and running a business…I’m basically asleep anytime I’m not at the shop!

Photo Jul 28, 10 45 52 AM.jpg

The Monthly Edit: July 2019

Pei Sim


Happy July friends! I hope you are enjoying these little monthly posts as much as I have enjoyed writing them. In a way, it serves as a little monthly check-in with myself to pause and reflect back on the past month as well as a way to get excited for whats to come :)

There’s some fun juicy stuff in this month’s post so you’re definitely going to want to take a few minutes to read though!

A quick look back at June:

1. Officially celebrated ONE FULL YEAR in our new home at Springdale General!

Here are a few quick snaps of move in day :)

Photo Jun 26, 9 46 49 AM.jpg
Photo Jun 27, 5 19 07 PM.jpg
Photo Jun 26, 7 03 54 PM.jpg
Photo Jun 29, 2 20 16 PM.jpg

2. Rearranged our entire shop inventory + grew our pen collection for you guys!

Seriously, it’s pretty magical you’re going to want to come by and see it for yourself.

Photo Jul 01, 10 25 41 AM.jpg

3. Attended the book launch + signing for a sweet frien'd’s new book- at quite possible the CUTEST spot in Austin.

You know I’ll be taking this book with me as we travel later this week (more on that below!) If you’d like to snag a copy and read along, you can grab one here.

Photo Jun 30, 11 22 42 PM.jpg

Things happening this month:


Photo Jun 18, 12 24 02 PM.jpg

Our first ever sidewalk sale- but inside because Texas haha!

Think of it as part studio + garage/yard sale with lots of things in our shop plus we invited in some other small biz friends to join us for an afternoon of fun and deals!


Y’all know how quickly our workshops tend to fill up, so don’t say we didn’t warn ya! We’ve been gently reminding you guys via our newsletter as well as through social media- so this is your third reminder ;) Several of these workshops are already down to the last few tickets!

Grab your ticket, and join us in our studio for some crafty + creative fun to beat the heat this summer!

From hand lettering to painting with gouache (pronounced as “squash!”) to drawing on your iPad to ceramics, we’ve got it all- but perhaps one we are most excited about is our first ever Candle Pouring Workshop. There’s no better way to try out a new craft and perhaps find your new hobby inventing incredible custom scents with your candles!



Our shop + studio will be closed starting Thursday, July 4th and we will reopen and resume our regular weekly schedule on Tuesday, July 9th. We’ve been open before in the past and it’s just incredibly slow days for us that we’ve decided to opt instead, to let ourselves spend time with our loved ones.

We’re open almost every weekend of the year so you can imagine it’s rather nice to get a few full weekends off a year :)

p.s. if you’re interested in following along, I’ll be in Hawaii for the week so definitely peek on Instagram for some updates and travel fun!

Photo May 25, 10 38 02 PM.jpg


Well…if you haven’t seen me in person you probably haven’t noticed anything different around here. I’ve (along with Evan) have chosen to keep it mostly to ourselves for the past 4.5 months for a variety of reasons- but a huge part was the fact I honestly had a lot of mixed emotions about all of this!

But we’re having a baby!

Photo Jun 18, 11 04 24 AM.jpg

We seriously just told our parents last week so we’ve definitely been very low key about it.

We wanted to tell them in a small but special way, and naturally I wanted to use stationery in some way. I found these really cute scratch off cards from one of the designers we carry in the shop and that’s how we decided to tell our parents. The card had an envelope inside that had the 12 week ultra sound that showed a pretty good profile view plus we also mailed a little Sugarfina box of piggie gummies since it’s the year of the pig.

Let me just say that I am excited- but just in a different, perhaps non-traditional way. I mostly have all the questions and have been googling and texting a few close friends “is this normal when…” Also, I’ve been sleeping a ton (which is not super unusual since I LOVE NAPS!) but more than usual. There were a few weeks where I swear I was asleep 16-18 hours a day lol

I experienced the typical queasiness/nausea (but with limited throwing up thank goodness!) and for the most part have just been swapping out random symptoms. Growing a human is super weird and a truly strange experience. I’ve never felt so unlike myself and so uncomfortable in my own skin- kinda takes me back to those teenage puberty days!

I’d be lying if I let y’all think I’m just happy and dandy with all of this- but I am honestly just terrified. I’m in my thirties and have always loved kids and have always wanted a family- I just have never been someone who was at all excited about pregnancy or new borns. We’ve talked about kids for a while now so it’s not like this was a surprise. I think I’m surprised by how this all feels and how it continues to ebb and flow. Don’t judge me but I want to be transparent about a few things that have been weighing on my mind: I’m scared of the pain and trauma that can happen with birth (I’m a huge weenie when it comes to pain). I’m self conscious AF of my changing body (I know this is so superficial and vain but ya’ll when thing don’t fit you and you can’t help the weight gain the struggle is real especially in the summer. In about 4.5 months, I’ve gained 10ish lbs so far), I feel a lot of guilt for not feeling “happier” about this when I know a lot of people and even close friends who would be happy to take on all of the horrible aches, pains and symptoms I have, I feel fear about what my life is going to look like and what business is going to look like (I love what I do with the business and I truly love being there and working!)…. the list could go on!

But again, inspite of all that it’s INSANE there’s a tiny human (and probably also a food baby in there lol) growing inside and I’m grateful. I remember freaking out when I saw a freakin’ hand basically wave at us at a pretty early ultrasound. In the meantime I’m soaking up the fact that both dogs have been extra obsessed with me lately- like they have to be near me and or touching me at all times and refuse to let me out of their sights.

I’ll share more here and there as the weeks/months progress via Instagram as well as give y’all updates in future editions of the Monthly Edit :)

A few questions y’all might have:

Was this planned?

Yes to an extent. I shared a bit already up in the body of this section but here’s a little more detail. I’m in my thirties and we’ve been married for over 2.5 years now. We’ve both talked about having kids and a family some day but let me tell you, it doesn’t feel real until that some day is literally now.

How far along are you exactly? When are you due?

Officially 19 weeks this week- basically almost to the half way mark which is nuts. And our due date is in November- I’m not really sharing the exact date because due dates are basically a super vague guesstimate and apparently babies have a mind of their own and can come as early as weeks before to a couple of weeks after!

Do you know the gender?

Nope. Not going to find out- mostly because I think I would welcome a surprise. And also because I kind of dislike that baby things are so gender specific- why does all girl stuff have to be pink and why does all boy stuff have to have some sort of sports ball on it?!

Biggest struggle so far?

Listening to my body. Some days I feel 100% and like nothing is different, and other days I feel horrible! I’m learning to slow down and not make so many plans because I hate canceling and rescheduling on people. But some days I seriously feel so awful I’m in bed most of the day :( But those days seem to be happening less and less now!

Also, it’s true that EVERYONE has an opinion. From how much weight I should gain, have gained, haven’t gained- what I’m eating, or consuming, what I’m wearing, how I’m sleeping etc. And I’ve already had some unkind and somewhat hurtful things said to me. I don’t think it’s intentional in any of those instances but still. It does make you hyper aware of how even if you don’t have ill intentions, you should definitely go out of your way to be extra kind to everyone.

Biggest fear?

A big personal fear that may seem silly is that I’m afraid Harley will hate it/try to bite it. Harley (the little chihuahua who is 11 years old) has been my little “baby” and I’m just afraid of a potential dynamic shift.

Biggest excitement?

Tiny baby things are super cute! You know how much I love tiny things so I’ve had a little bit of fun getting baby clothes etc. My favorite thing so far are a pair of tiny overalls (ironic since I can no longer fit into my favorite overalls haha) But besides that, I am excited in general- perhaps buried under a lot of layers of feelings!

What are you going to do about the P+CP?

Keep calm and carry on. Kidding but also kinda accurate. I’m grateful for an amazing team of girls who support the shop day-to-day and have been making plans to physically step back for a few months later this year. The P+CP will operate as usual with our weekly retail hours as well as weekly workshops and classes.

Photo Jun 18, 11 03 59 AM.jpg
Photo Jun 18, 11 04 49 AM.jpg

Disclaimer: I always thought it was weird that people like to touch pregnant people. It hasn’t happen to me yet but I will straight up karate chop your hand if you try to touch my belly :)

Wow, that was a LONG post.

Hope you all have an amazing start of this new month and I really hope to see y’all in the shop + studio soon!

The Monthly Edit: June 2019

Pei Sim


Well yet again, it seemed like I blinked and it’s officially June. How crazy is it that it’s already the half way point of 2019?! I feel like everyone talks about how fast time flies but I swear 2019 has been a blur.

As we enter the summer months here in Austin, I’m excited for warmer days to swim, an excuse for sno-cones and of course, making our shop + studio the cutest little paper oasis in this heat!

A quick look back at May:

1. Taking an entire weekend off for Memorial Day weekend was just what we all needed! As much as we hate to miss out on visitors from out of town, we value our team’s work-life balance and wanted to honor us all having a true, full weekend off! Want to know what we did for the long weekend? You can read more here.

2. Y’all cleaned us out of Mother’s Day cards, again! Every year, we do our best to over estimate and usually purchase extra cards. And every year, we tend to run low the week leading up to Mother’s Day.

3. We firmed up a bunch of fun things for the rest of the Summer as well as Fall. It’s going to be a fun rest of 2019 you guys!

Things happening this month:

Shop Mini Makeover

Photo May 31, 4 13 10 PM.jpg

We heard a lot of you are having a hard time finding us! And as sad as we are that we don’t have our amazing wall mural like we did out our old space, we tried to bring a little bit of it with the vinyls on our windows! But we realized that once cars are parked out front, it’s a little tricky to see our signage!

We have plans to mirror the vinyls on the bottom of our window to the top! And another thing we’ve been working on is getting quotes for window coverings for our two large windows. We LOVE all the light we get in here but as the summer months approach, the sun streams in rather intensely on our precious paper products as well as into your eyeballs (also precious lol) if you take an evening workshop with us.

We appreciate you guys bearing with us as we continue to learn all the quirks about our new space (can you believe it’s almost a month away from ONE full year of us moving into this new space?

June Book Club

Photo Apr 02, 11 48 23 AM.jpg

We’re finishing our 6th book club read of 2019 this month and will be voting on our next three books at our meeting. If you’ve been looking for a community and some accountability to read more this year, it’s not too late to pick up this month’s book and pencil in our meeting date!

June Workshops

We’ve got several out of town (and even out of state) guest instructors headed to our studio this month for some incredible workshops. It’s always such a treat to welcome someone new into our studio- just a little FYI: we are not able to guarantee that we will be able to get these instructors into our studio again and they often swing by just once a year or even every other year. So you don’t want to miss out on your chance to learn from these incredible ladies!


A Letter To You:

A new segment I’ve been wanting to introduce, a short + sweet story (anonymous of course) of a sweet guest interaction we’ve had in the shop. These small interactions and stories make small business ownership worth it.

This man pops into our shop every now and then to pick up a card/gift for his girlfriend. She loves our shop and it’s incredibly thoughtful he chooses to come by to find something for her for every occasion.

The last time he was in, he had mentioned how they were going on a ski trip together. He picked out a few belated gifts for her and was on his way.

A couple of months later, he comes back in- only he’s on crutches and has a cast on his leg. Turns out he broke his leg the first day on this ski trip :( He’s well on his way to healing and recovery but the mere fact he went through the trouble of coming all the way out to see us to pick up another card for her was just the sweetest!

Hope you all have a wonderful rest of the month and I really hope to see y’all in the shop + studio soon!

The Monthly Edit: May 2019

Pei Sim

papercraftpantry-monthly edit-blog-may2019.jpg

Happy May!

Okay, I know I had said we would be introducing this monthly blog at the beginning of the month and I’m well aware it is officially May 14th today. I don’t know about y’all, but 2019 has been going by SO fast and I am not even certain how time is going by so quickly. So you’ll have to forgive me that this month’s Monthly Edit is literally 2 weeks late ;)

A quick look back at April:

1. Seriously, I feel like I blinked and the month of April was gone. Just me?

2. We sent out our first BIG wholesale order of our P+CP stationery to our first store!

3. Had our first workshop snafu in the first time in almost 4 years and even with hundreds of workshops + events under our belt, this was seriously hands down one of the worst things we’ve had to deal with. That being said, it was a huge learning in the best way! You can get a little more info abut what I’m talking about in this Instagram post.

Things happening this month:

The Paper + Craft Pantry: Austin’s Favorite Stationery Shop + Workshop Studio!

New Faces!

We’ve been growing our small but mighty little shop + studio team! You’ve probably seen someone else besides me around the shop :) You can meet our team here, or better yet, come by for a visit! We know how important it is as a small business to have a wonderful support system around us and we’re so thrilled to have some of the most hardworking, paper loving and fun women who will make your time in our shop + studio an amazing one!

Do you love paper? Do you love being a part of a local small business? If so, check out our open availability here!

The Paper + Craft Pantry monthly book club community event.

May Book Club- for more details + to RSVP.

What we’re excited about: We love opening up our studio on the last Wednesday of each month to host our book club meetings! Everyone is welcomed as long as they’ve read the book beforehand :)

Photo Mar 26, 11 40 40 AM.jpg

New workshops for June!

We’re introducing several brand NEW workshops- workshops we’ve NEVER hosted before in our studio! We’re also so thrilled to be welcoming back one of our favorite watercolor painter + artist all the way from Arizona- you’re not going to want to miss out on these incredible classes!

Photo May 06, 3 30 16 PM.jpg

Currently Loving

We LOVE that there’s more happening around our area! One of my current favorites is right across the parking lot which has been incredibly convenient but also extremely dangerous. I highly recommend the Yuzu Avocado Handroll :)

p.s. We know (and acknowledge) that parking has kinda gotten a little trickier as more things open up around us, but we are grateful for all the other wonderful thing this new space has allowed us to do. And even more grateful that each of you continue to support small + shop local with us!

Life Lately

On the personal front, we finished up part two of the renovation project we had going on at our house! I didn’t really get to share a lot about it on social media honestly because it was so chaotic. We redid the flooring on our stairs + upstairs. We don’t technically have a second floor, it’s more of a finished out loft/attic space that is barely used. I hate carpet and really wanted to swap out for hard surface flooring and we wanted to add a half bathroom upstairs to make the space more functional for when we had family and friends visit. The flexibility of not having to go up and down the stairs for the bathroom as well as giving guests a true separate space is something we think will really allow us to stay in our first home for as long as possible.

I’ll be heading to Houston in a week to judge dance auditions- it’s been a yearly tradition and something I find a lot of joy in doing/giving back to the community. Fun fact, I was a dance major in college and this is the one time a year I “use” my degree!

We’re also getting ready to go on a very short weekend trip over Memorial Day Weekend to visit one of my dear friends + spend time on the beach in Galveston. The plan is that Evan will drive in on Friday with the dogs to meet up with me in Houston and we’ll all head down to the coast for a relaxing weekend. TBD on how relaxing it will be with 2 dogs, plus our friends have 2 young and adorable kiddos. But regardless, I’m really looking forward to some time away.

Don’t worry, the shop + studio will still be open as usual we’ll just be closed for Memorial Day Weekend from Saturday, May 25th-Monday, May 27th.


Meet The Plant:

This is perhaps one of the most underrated plant- it’s in the same “family” as the pothos but a variety that almost makes it seem velvet-y and I love the color variations on it’s leaves.

Meet the Satin Pothos. This plant is just as easy to care for than our triplets (who are also Pothos). This plant is sometimes confused with the Silver Philodendron which looks strikingly similar.

We only wanter this guy when the soil is completely dry, and his vines and leaves have grown a TON since we moved into our new space and gave him a home high up on a shelf with plenty of natural light :)

Hope you all have a wonderful rest of the month and I really hope to see y’all in the shop + studio soon!

The Monthly Edit: April 2019

Pei Sim


Happy April friends! Hope this month is off to a great start for you guys- there’s always something nice about starting a new month. From flipping the page in your planner to tearing off the previous month on your calendar, it feels like an opportunity for a fresh start or restart.

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After a lot of deliberation, and after gathering feedback from you guys, I’ve decided to streamline our P+CP blog to truly offer you content that feels meaningful in addition to content that personally lights me up. It may seem easier to just churn out as much content as possible (and it may be easy for some) but running a physical business (and what sometimes feels like two separate businesses with the retail shop + the workshop space) is my main focus and this blog was always meant to be a creative outlet of sorts.

I’ve decided to get back to basics in my effort to my 2019 mantra of less but better.

And this new month seemed like the perfect time to kick off our new blog format and calendar. From now moving forward, you will be hearing from me 3 times a month. The first post of the month will be a Monthly Edit series, where I’ll share some combination of the following: A look back at the previous month, a few things happening this month, a section on what we’re currently loving + life lately, plus a mini series where you’ll get to “meet” one of the plants in our shop.

The main purpose of this is to give y’all a quick snapshot and review to stay in the loop (plus I plan to share way more images and photos since y’all love that :)

The other two blog posts in each month will be a creative D.I.Y. project and an installment of our Small Business School series.

I hope you guys enjoy reading these posts as much as it brings me joy to write and create them for you :)



A quick look back at March:

1. Survived the madness a.k.a. traffic craziness that was SXSW.

2. Finished our official P+CP Spring 2019 Line Sheet, which is basically a wholesale catalog for other retailers interested in purchasing our stationery to sell in their shop!

3. Successfully integrated our team onto our new payroll system. A HUGE win considering this has been a goal of mine from day one of the business!

Things happening this month:

New blog format + series!

What we’re excited about: getting to share more BTS life and business with you guys!

Last year’s plant adoption station at our Earth Day Pop Up Party may have been the very best thing we’ve ever done- each plant came complete with “adoption” papers + a portion of proceeds went towards planing new trees in Austin!

Last year’s plant adoption station at our Earth Day Pop Up Party may have been the very best thing we’ve ever done- each plant came complete with “adoption” papers + a portion of proceeds went towards planing new trees in Austin!

Earth Day Pop Up Party- for more details + to RSVP.

What we’re excited about: plant adoptions, flower seed stand, debut of our mini collection of plant-y stationery.

Photo Mar 03, 11 46 16 AM.jpg

Welcoming back some of our out-of-state instructors + new workshops

What we’re excited about: This painting workshop where you’ll get to paint your home, this block printing workshop with a new local instructor, and a small business workshop to help you grow your business with the help of social media!

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Sending off our first “big” wholesale order with our stationery line

What we’re excited about: still reeling from the fact that we finally have our own product line and even more excited that other stores what to share them with their communities!

Look at how gorgeous these blooms are! They’re grown at a flower farm just 20 minutes outside of the city and bonus, this farm is owned by one heck of a woman who has learned how to grow flowers in this crazy Texas weather!

Look at how gorgeous these blooms are! They’re grown at a flower farm just 20 minutes outside of the city and bonus, this farm is owned by one heck of a woman who has learned how to grow flowers in this crazy Texas weather!

Flowers In The Shop

What we’re excited about: me we’re partnering with Grassdale Farms + Petals Ink, a local flower farm and woman owned flower company to start offering you locally grown, beautiful flower stems to pick up over the weekends right from our studio. Each bouquet will feature approximately 10 stems that are ready for your vase (or bud vases) at home. In a few weeks, you’ll be able to swing by the shop for fresh blooms (in addition to stationery) on the weekends :)

In case you missed it, we have over 300+ ways for you to send more snail mail on our shelves. From greeting cards to letter sets, we’ve got what you need to send more happiness out into the world and into the mailboxes of your loved ones :)

In case you missed it, we have over 300+ ways for you to send more snail mail on our shelves. From greeting cards to letter sets, we’ve got what you need to send more happiness out into the world and into the mailboxes of your loved ones :)

Currently Loving

Did you know the U.S. Postal Service officially designated April as the National Card and Letter Writing month back in 2001? Their goal was “to raise awareness of the importance and historical significance of card and letter writing.”

An entire month dedicated to sending more snail mail? YES please!

Life Lately

If you follow us on Instagram, you guys know we just wrapped up on some home renovations. We bought our home back in 2015 and finally got around to doing some much needed updates to our bathrooms. I was honestly a little surprised at how committed you guys were to our renovation! And it was truly so fun getting to share a little bit more about my life outside of the shop with you guys. I think that’s a part of why I feel like this monthly edit blog post will serve as a way for me to share from a meaningful place, and in a very intentional way too! My plan is to share designated post about that whole process with you guys very soon :)

So from home renos and pretty much straight into having to take care of a very sick dog (Fig), the past month has been a bit of a whirlwind. Fig is fine now, by the way, she had some kind of stomach bug that she just couldn’t shake but we are finally on the mend.

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A few things I’m personally committed to this month: eating 3 actual meals a day (breakfast, lunch and dinner) every day, bringing the dogs into the shop with me during the week once or twice, and planting flower seeds for a summer + fall garden in our backyard.

Photo Mar 03, 11 40 09 AM.jpg
Photo Mar 03, 11 40 36 AM.jpg

A few things I’m personally excited about for the P+CP this month: Releasing our tiny but super cute addition to our in-house line that’s plant related, hosting the plant adoption for our Earth Day Pop Up Party, teaching not one but two plant-y workshops and working on finalizing our summer workshop calendar!

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Meet The Plant:

Frondly (see what I did there?) referred to as the “triplets” these three potted pothos up on this ledge have been with us since the early month’s at our East 6th shop. They’ve grown a ton while there, survived our move last summer, and have continued to thrive in our new shop.

These ladies are incredibly resilient and truly easy to maintain. I water them maybe once a week during the warmer months and dial it back to once every week and a half/two weeks during the winter. My Spring ritual with them is to give them all a little hair cut aka cut off some of their crazy long growth- this will actually encourage them to grow even more as it warms up! Plus it’s a great way for me to share my love of plants by propagating them to share with friends.

If you read through this LONG post, I applaud you and am giving you virtual hug. p.s. If there’s anything you’re interested in seeing on here + interested in me sharing, leave me a little note in the comments :)