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Austin's favorite stationery shop and workshop studio.


The Paper + Craft Pantry blog is home to our latest DIY projects, current inspiration sources, and small business advice. 

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Printable: Monthly Inspiration Art

Pei Sim

The Paper + Craft Pantry Blog: Getting started!

Happy 2019 friends!

We’ve had a nice little break and we hope you guys had a wonderful holiday break as well. As we gear up for our second week back in the shop, we’ve got our heads full of inspiration and fun ideas for the shop + studio. And if we’re being honest, the overwhelming feeling of possibility also comes with a little bit of just feeling plain overwhelmed!

If you’re nodding your head as you are reading this, you’re going to agree that setting monthly intentions can work wonders. These little reminder nuggets can be so helpful and a great way for you to track your progress month to month, to direct you back to your “why” and to re-inspire you if you’re feeling like you’re in a rut.

We designed these monthly printables as a simple way for you to carve out time at the beginning of each month to re-set. To take each new month as an opportunity to start over, move in a different direction, at a different pace- whatever it is that makes you feel like you’re flowing through 2019.

Print one out at the start of each month, take the time to circle all the words that align with you- we’ve even left room at the bottom for you to add your own spin to this. You can add a word that isn’t on the print, leave a little note to yourself. And we created two versions- one incorporating our favorite mint color along with Pantone’s color of the year “Living Coral” as well as a minimal, black and white one that happens to look gorgeous printed on Kraft paper!

We hope these serve you this month, and into the rest of the year. Snap a photo and tag us @thepapercraftpantry so we can see your inspiration print in real life :)

The Paper + Craft Pantry Blog: Circling inspiring words for the month.
The Paper + Craft Pantry Blog: Our two printable sheets.
The Paper + Craft Pantry Blog: Monthy inspiration.
The Paper + Craft Pantry Blog: You can even print it on different paper.
The Paper + Craft Pantry Blog: You can hang it on your wall for easy access!
Paper Craft Pantry Pinterest free printable for the new year


The Paper + Craft Pantry Monthly Inspiration Art

Print out one for each month. Set aside time to unplug and root down into your intentions.


The Paper + Craft Pantry Monthly Inspiration Art

Print out one for each month. Set aside time to unplug and root down into your intentions.

D.I.Y.: Holiday Place Cards + Gift Tags Printable

Pei Sim

The Paper + Craft Pantry Holiday Printable Place Cards and Gift Tags.

We couldn’t pass up one more chance to share a little D.I.Y. fun with y’all this year!

The holiday season can feel very full and busy- so this printable is great for you busy bees needing an extra hand with adding a little holiday fun to your dinner table and gifts! All you need is access to a printer and a little bit of creativity to add a hand made touch to his holiday season!

Sending you all the merriest and happiest Christmas this year :)



  • Card stock
  • Scissors
  • Hole punch
  • Ribbon or Twine
  • Access + use of a printer
The Paper + Craft Pantry Blog: Our printout, ribbon, markers, and scissors.

Each printable comes formatted with four wreaths that you can turn into either gift tags or place cards! We chose to cut our tags out into squares so there would be room for the hole punch and cut closer around the wreath for our place cards.

Personalize each wreath with your friends and family’s names, et voila! You now have a special handmade touch to your holiday party and under your Christmas tree!

Scroll to the bottom of this post to print your own!

The Paper + Craft Blog: The printout before and after being cut for use.
The Paper + Craft Pantry Blog: After being cut out we lettered and are using them as place cards!
The Paper + Craft Pantry Blog: Our decorated table with place cards.
The Paper + Craft Pantry Blog: We also love using them as tags for gifts!
The Paper + Craft Pantry D.I.Y. Holiday Wreath Gift Tags

Holiday Place Cards + Tags-01.jpg

We’ve created printable holiday place cards + gift tags for you and yours to enjoy this Christmas season :)

We hope you have a lovely and magical holiday!

The Paper + Craft Pantry Austin- Pinterest printable diy holiday gift tags + place cards

Printable: Weekly Check-In

Pei Sim

Paper Craft Pantry 2018 Printable Worksheet for Small Business + Every Day

We're officially one day away from wrapping up the first month of 2018! We've gotten so many requests to bring back a fun printable and we couldn't think of a better time to share our brand new Weekly Check-In worksheet! 

It's perfect to use as an accountability partner as you tackle each of the upcoming weeks, and a great companion to all your 2018 goals. This sheet reminds you to check in at the end of each week to reflect back on what happened, and cleans the slate for a new week ahead! Getting caught up with a ton of to-do's and our busy lives can quickly get overwhelming, so the idea of a simple worksheet being able to re-center your focus is pretty powerful. We've been doing this sheet every Sunday as we close up shop for the week - it's a wonderful way to carve out 5-10 minutes to create a little weekly ritual that has anchored our weeks and allowed us to finish out each work week with some "umph". 

We've even included a habit tracker because we really believe that by making day-to-day things a habit, we end up making it a part of our routine which allows us to remove it from our to-do list! And with each month taking us further away from the fresh feelings of the New Year, we're committed to using these sheets to hold us accountable and carry on this momentum on for the rest of the year! 

Want to join us in this weekly ritual? Download this sheet for free and print it out weekly (bonus if you share this fun new resource with a friend)! Be sure to tag us on Instagram so we can see your weekly worksheets in action :) 

Paper Craft Pantry Free Printable Weekly Worksheet

Click on the image of our 2018 Weekly Check-In Worksheet to download it for free! 


How To Use: 

  • Print out one for each week
  • Designate a day + time each week to fill in this worksheet
  • Reflect back on the week
  • Use the habit tracker to track your daily goals

Share your worksheets in action with us by tagging @thepapercraftpantry on Instagram!

Paper Craft Pantry Small Business Printable Worksheet

Printable: Free Downloadable Mini Notes

Pei Sim


With everything going on in the world today, it's easy to feel bogged down with the constant cycle of negativity on the news. For the most part, we probably all grew up with our moms telling us the importance of being kind to others, but it seems like we're at a turning point where everyone could benefit from a little extra dose of positivity.

Since we like to think it's the little things in life that make the world go round, we designed these mini note cards as a way for you encourage your neighbors, remind your friends how much you love them, and generally just spread some much needed "nice-ness" and joy in the community!

All you have to do is request these free downloadable Nice Notes, below, and print out as many copies as you'd like! 

Sweet Ways to Use Nice Notes: 

  • Add one to your bathroom mirror (better yet, leave one in your office bathroom so everyone can enjoy).

  • Leave it on someone's windshield to find when you're out and about.

  • Present it to a stranger who seems to be having a rough day. 

  • Slip it to a friend you haven't seen in a while.

  • Pop one in your neighbors mailbox, or leave one for your mailman! 

  • Print out a sheet and gift it to a friend, encouraging them to pass out nice notes in their community.

Don't forget, a little goes a long way. And you never know how a little encouragement in the form of a note can impact the person receiving it! 

p.s. Be sure to snap a picture and tag us so we can see how you're spreading nice-ness :) 

Nice Notes for Spreading love and kindness in the word
Compliment Cards free downloadable Nice Notes 
Spread Peace and Love with these Free Printable Nice Notes 

👇🏼 Grab Your Free Download Below! 👇🏼 

The Paper + Craft Pantry DIY Nice Note Downloadable


How-To: Curate A Craft Cart

Pei Sim

Paper Craft Pantry Blog How-to Curate A Craft Cart

Most of us, as adults, probably have a bar cart of sorts in our homes. It's almost like an "adult-ing" right of passage — an excuse to now have friends over instead of going out. At least, that's our excuse, since we are on team homebody over here :)

But how many of us take the same amount of time to curate a craft cart? Think bar cart, but minus the booze and glassware and add all of your favorite crafting supplies! It's a fun way to keep all your tools and supplies in one place that also happens to be portable. And it doesn't hurt that it also looks so cute!! 

Paper Craft Pantry Blog How to Style a Craft Cart for Your Home 
Paper Craft Pantry Blog Curating an At-Home Craft Cart 

We've put together a free printable checklist, which we used to organize and style this fun + affordable teal cart from Ikea. So now you, too, can start curating your very own craft cart for your home! And when you're done, don't forget to tag us on Instagram or leave a comment below. We'd love to see yours turns out! 


👉🏼 👉🏼 👉🏼 👉🏼 👉🏼 👉🏼

Paper-Craft-Pantry-Blog-Printable-Ultimate-Craft-Cart-Check-List (1).jpg

Printable: Stitched Wall Art with Allie Biddle

Pei Sim

Paper Craft Pantry Blog Wall Art

When we think of spring, we dream of bright pastels, motivational messages and updating our home decor! So, we partnered up with one of our amazing instructors, Allie Biddle, to bring you this simple but sweet D.I.Y. wall art that is just as easy as paint-by-numbers, and will look great in any room!

Allie is a designer and artist out of Denton, Texas who crafts one-of-a-kind hand embroidered hoop art and stitched mixed-media designs. If you're interested in learning more about embroidery, Allie will be teaching a Intro to Hand Embroidery workshop as well as a Hand Embroidery: Floral Bouquet workshop this Saturday in the studio! 

The beauty of this design is that you can pair it with any color(s) that compliment your current decor — from primary colors to neutrals like cream and sand. Keeping with the springtime theme, we chose a few bright pastels and even mixed up the design by alternating stitches to create a fun color-blocked design (like the one above).

Scroll down to request a copy of your FREE printable design, and get to stitching!


  • 100 lb. Paper
  • size 8 needle
  • embroidery thread
  • frame (optional)
  • scissors

First, you will notice that there are several dots arranged around the main design. These will act as your guide for stitching the completed piece. To prevent tearing, you will want to pre-punch each hole with the needle before threading the embroidery floss through the paper. 

Next, you will want to choose a color pattern for your piece. This would look great with one bold color, or several complimentary colors. You can stick with the pre-punched holes, or even add in your own to create a customized version (like the one below). *PRO TIP: Allie recommends using DMC threads for brighter, more saturated colors!

Once you have decided on a plan, you can begin stitching your design. After you're finished, pop your artwork in any 8X10 frame by trimming down your design, or hang it as-is from your bulletin board with a DIY marbled thumb tack

Don't forget to tag us on Instagram @thepapercraftpantry with a photo of your finished work. We'd love to see how yours turned out!

Paper Craft Pantry Blog Wall Art Designs
Paper Craft Pantry Blog Wall Decor

Check Allie's upcoming workshop:

03.04.17 — Hand Embroidery: Floral Bouquets

Saturday, March 4th
3PM - 4:30 PM


Learn how to hand stitch sweet bouquets of poppies, echinacea, and daisies during this hand embroidery class!