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The Paper + Craft Pantry blog is home to our latest DIY projects, current inspiration sources, and small business advice. 

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Small Business School: Vision Boards For Business

Pei Sim

Paper Craft Pantry Austin Small Business Blog: Vision Boards For Your Small Business

Some may call it their real life Pinterest board, or maybe even consider it a mood board of sorts. But the reality is that a vision board is so much more than that! 

A vision board allows you to dig a little deeper and discover what you truly want for your life, and business. It enables you to use visuals to tell the goals and dreams you have for your future. And we think it can be even more powerful than written goals. Because let's face it, we're all visual beings and having something that serves as a collective reminder is so, so powerful! 

When we were scheduling a community event for December, we knew we wanted to bring back our 3rd annual Vision Board Party, but this year, we're co-hosting this really fun event with Maggie of MaggieGentry. There's no better person to work on this event with because Maggie is a living, breathing supporter of The Paper + Craft Pantry and honestly, just an incredible fellow business owner. 

We asked our owner, Pei and Maggie some questions to get an insight on how they use their vision boards for their business. 

And if you're in Austin, be sure to RSVP below to our 2017 Vision Board Party next month! 

What’s the first thing you do when creating your vision board? What are some important things to consider?

For me, the most important first step is to ask two questions, "What is it that I specifically want this board to embody?" and "How do I ultimately want to feel?" For me, it's important to first gain clarity around what question I hope this vision board will help me answer, or what goal I hope this board will help me visualize, and then use the second question of understanding how I want to feel to help me find the perfect images when I'm flipping through the magazines.

I always like to spend some time journaling before I create a vision board to help me solidify an intention. It always helps to have your favorite music playing, too!

Other logistical tips: Have glue sticks and tape because you never know what you might need to fashion together. Lay it out first, take a picture for placement, and then go back to glue it down. I like to put some craft paper down on the table so that I can use my glue stick with abandon and not worry about messy clean-up afterwards!

Creating a space to create your vision board is really key. I actually carve out designated time for this, limit distrations and try to clear my mind of all the daily to-dos and other miscellaneous thoughts so I can pour what I truly want into my vision board.

I take a few moments to take some deep breaths and visualize my business in the future, without any limitations, without any expectations... It's so important to visualize your future without anything or anyone interferring what you truly want for yourself and your business!

While that vision is still fresh in my mind, I flip through magazines and articles and snip out images or words that are in line with my vision.

Vision board and goals - same thing?

Pei: Yes and no! I think they are intertwined for sure, and there's obviously a lot of overlapping. I create my vision board separate from my goals, typically after I've set some goals. They do serve as a visual reminder but have a little bit more of an abstract feel which lends to more ebbing and flowing than structured goals!

Maggie: I think they complement each other really well. Goals are helpful to speak out loud or write down somewhere, but what we often do is write them in a notebook, and then forget about them. The beauty of a vision board is that it's visual! And it's meant to be displayed where we can see it often. Vision boards can often help us express a certain aspect of our goals that we can't quite put into words just yet, or maybe we're too scared to voice it out loud, or maybe we weren't quite even sure we wanted that until we see how the vision board came together, and that one element has prominent placement. It is a tool that can help us reflect on if our goals are on the right track, and also to remind us on a daily basis to keep moving forward, especially on those tough days.

How do you use your vision board day to day?

Maggie: It's hanging on the wall right above my desk, so I see it everyday! I like to look at it right before I sit down for a morning meditation, and it's a helpful respite if I'm feeling like I'm drowning in work——I can sit back in my chair and remind myself why I'm doing this.

Pei: Having it front and center in my work space is a great reminder. It's something I have to look at daily and it's a wonderful check-in as to how I want my day to go, and what I can be doing (even little things) that's going to get me towards the things on my vision board.

For your business?

Maggie: It's a bit one in the same for me. The particular vision board that I have right now above my desk, I created with the question, "What do I want for my business in 2018?" So it is a nice reminder to keep me going on those days when I feel like I'm losing all hope and direction.

Pei: It's so easy to feel overwhelmed with owning a small business. There are some days when things feel so great, and other days when I'm still wondering what on earth I am doing. I love having my vision board to look at, take a breath or two, and pull me back in to why I do what I do.

How does a vision board help you with your business?

Pei: A specific example would be a potential partnership or collaboration, I'm naturally inclined to say yes to everything. But an easy way for me to be sure these opportunites are in line with my business's core values is to take a little peek at my vision board and see if this particular relationship or project "feels" like it fits in it.

Maggie: As a small business owner, I feel like we have face our fears often. Since I created this vision board to help me visualize growth for my business, looking at my board helps me gain the confidence I need when things feel scary or when I'm nervous to make a decision about something. It helps me stay aligned with My Why.

Where do you keep your vision board? How often do you create a vision board?

Pei: I keep my vision board on a bulletin board right across from my desk. And I re-do/re-create my vision board at least twice a year, around the same time I revisit my goals!

Maggie: Mine is hanging eye-level on the wall in front of my desk at home. I look at it all the time! So far, I've been creating one vision board a year to help me plan for what's ahead in the upcoming year.

Want to join us for our upcoming community 2017 Vision Board Party? 


DEC 13


6PM - 7 PM

Join us for an evening of inspiration and fun! 

D.I.Y.: Rope Jewelry Holder

Pei Sim

Simple DIY Rope Dishes for your collections of rings, keys, tchotchkies and knick-knacks

We're extremely guilty of hoarding cute little tchotchkes, including but not limited to miscellaneous crafting and office supplies, on our desks. Sometimes you just need a spot to gather all these odds and ends in one place! 

This month's D.I.Y. uses three materials you are likely to already have around your home, and we're particularly loving that it adds a little natural-meets-minimalist vibe to our desk decor with the perfect little pop of color! Whip these up in a matter of minutes and have the perfect way to organize all the knick-knacks you have lying around or dumped into drawers.

For Pei's home office organization tips, head over to this behind-the-scenes peek on the blog of her recently renovated studio space. 

Organize your room by learning how to make a DIY ring dish from 5 simple materials


  • 3/8" Cotton Cord
  • Embroidery Floss (in your favorite colors)
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Scissors
  • Small dish or bowl

1. Flip your dish or bowl upside down and add a little dab of hot glue to the end of the cotton cord and start wrapping the base of the dish. 

2. Apply hot glue on the cord as you coil it around the dish *pro-tip: wait until the entire bowl has finished cooling before you pick off the "strings" of hot glue!* 

3. As you reach the edge of the base of your bowl, continue to work down the sides of the dish and your cord will shape to the dish. 

4. For an added pop of color and to finish off the top of our rope dish, we used embroidery floss to secure + wrap around the end! 

5. Make as many as you like! Use different size dishes or bowls to create a whole set, or group of nesting rope ring dishes :) 

Simple DIY Rope Dishes made for rings, keys, tchotchkies and knick-knacks
Learn how to make a simple DIY ring dish out of rope
Craft a DIY rope bowl jewelry holder from 5 simple materials you already have at home


D.I.Y. Sundae Tote Bag

Pei Sim

Paper Craft Pantry Blog DIY Cupcake Tote Bag

We may still be in February, but it sure feels like summer with the warm weather we are currently experiencing (and enjoying) here in Austin! It has me day-dreaming about those perfect spring days, which usually means spending as much time as I can outside before spring turns into summer. And if any of you have experienced summers here in Texas, you know how intense it can get! So savoring any kind of weather perfection whenever I can get it is always top priority.

If you follow us on Instagram, you know our studio schedule has been pretty full, with seven workshops in the last week and a half, including our 2nd Annual Galentine's Extravaganza!

I'd honestly been having a hard time narrowing down a fun D.I.Y. to share with you guys, knowing that my bandwidth was pretty maxed out. Naturally, inspired by my love of sprinkles and a handful of supplies we already had on hand in the studio — I give you, our Sundae Funday Tote!

With a little imagination and a bit of paint, I transformed a plain canvas tote into a fun statement accessory. From a beach or pool-side bag, to a carry-all for your farmer's market finds... this sundae tote will likely bring a smile to anyone who has a love of sweets! If you haven't noticed, I (and our entire P+CP team) are sort of food driven — with desserts and sweet as our main weakness :)

Have a wonderful weekend y'all!




Paper Craft Pantry Blog DIY Painted Tote Bag
  • Canvas Tote
  • Acrylic Paint
  • Paint Brushes
  • Yarn + Pipe Cleaner (optional)

First, use an old paper grocery bag or any paper to slip inside the bag to separate the front and back of the bag. This will act as a surface for you to paint on and it won't allow the paint to seep through to the back of your bag!

Next, layer on your first color — you'll want to apply several coats to get an opaque effect.

Now, the fun part! Add on "sprinkles", use different colors and place them in different directions.

As an added little project to finish off your tote, we whipped up a little pom-pom cherry to put on top! (Our pom-pom key chain D.I.Y. can be found here)

Paper Craft Pantry Blog DIY Tote Bag

D.I.Y. Valentine's Tumblers

Pei Sim

Hi guys! It's Pei here. It's always been a huge goal of mine to spend more time sharing some fun D.I.Y.s with The Paper + Craft Pantry Community! So moving forward, you'll be hearing from me more :) When I'm not here in the studio or working on P+CP things, I'm a huge D.I.Y./crafter and I can't wait to share more little projects with all of you!

To say it's been a little bit crazy in the studio would be an understatement — we hosted 15 workshops + events in the month of January! Who would've thought we would grow our community in just over a year to a point where we get to constantly fill out studio with incredible people?

I've been particularly excited about sharing this D.I.Y. because it also aligns with another one of my goals this year, which is to hydrate more. I've been known to go all day in the studio without a single drop of H2O and I know... shame on me. I'd only realize how dehydrated I was when I was driving home at the end of the day. And so far, this glitter water tumbler makes it easy and fun to stay hydrated!



  • Clear plastic photo tumbler
  • Glitter
  • Confetti
  • Clear Glue
  • Water
  • Glycerin

First, and perhaps the MOST fun part of this project, mix together your glitter and confetti! I chose to mix different shapes, sizes and textures! Be sure to use plastic confetti, as the tissue paper version will dissolve in the water and glycerin mixture.

Unscrew the bottom of your tumbler and fill about 2/3 of the way with your glitter and confetti mixture. *Pro-tip: I used a little bamboo skewer to shimmy the bigger pieces of confetti down the narrow wall of the tumbler!

Then, mix in a tablespoon of glycerin with 1 1/2 cups of water (it's okay if this ends up being more water than you need to fill your tumbler)

The very last step is to seal the base lid. Before screwing the lid on, apply a clear drying glue (or use a hot glue gun) around the edge of the lid. Twist to close and let dry overnight with the bottom lid facing up.

D.I.Y. No Sew Avocado Throw Pillow

Pei Sim

Paper Craft Pantry Blog DIY No Sew Avocado Pillow

We're officially back in the studio for 2017, full of inspiration and ideas for you guys!

Whether you're a frequent visitor to our shop or enjoy following along our journey through social media, we're committed to sharing even more fun blog content with you so that no matter where you are, you can be a part of The Paper + Craft Pantry community!

As we settle into the rhythm of this new year, we're cherishing the moments of down time in between the hustle and bustle of the studio. And we're basically all homebodies over here — so we think there's nothing quite like unwinding on your couch to watch your favorite tv show or Netflix series after a long week. It's even better when your couch is full of fluffy and cozy pillows!

We've D.I.Y.ed one of our favorite foods and turned it into a pillow — a no-sew pillow that's perfect for your next crafty project that's sure to be a conversation piece in your home.


  • Cotton fabric (light green, dark green & brown)
  • Fabric adhesive tape
  • Fabric adhesive sheet (by the yard)
  • Pillow stuffing
  • Scissors
  • Iron

Prepping the fabric:

Start with your dark green fabric, draw out a shape of an avocado and cut out two pieces. We traced an outline out on a scrap piece of kraft wrapping paper before cutting the fabric.

Do the same with the light green fabric and cut off 1-2" around the shape since this will serve as the "center" of your avocado.

Using the brown fabric, cut an organic circular shape that will become the "pit".

Using fabric adhesives:

Iron on the fabric adhesive sheet to the light green piece according to instructions and attach to one of the dark green pieces. And on top of that, layer your "pit" the same way!

Now attach both your dark green pieces (inside out) together around the edge using the fabric adhesive tape to form the pillow. Don't forget to leave a 2-3" opening so you can turn the pillow back out to the right side where it'll show the light green layer. You'll use this same opening to stuff your pillow!

Finishing touch:

Fill your pillow with stuffing and seal with a small piece of fabric adhesive tape!

D.I.Y. Holiday Wreaths

Pei Sim

Paper Craft Pantry Blog DIY Holiday Wreath

If you can't believe we are just 10 days away from Christmas, I'm right there with you. It's been on my mind to whip up a festive wreath for our front door at home for the past couple of months and well, life happened (and I guess owning and operating a small business took priority). So this week, I bumped this little D.I.Y. project to the top of my to-do list!

Changing out wreaths every season can get tedious, not to mention expensive! And since we are so close to Christmas, I decided to design a wreath that would be timeless and last through the Spring!

And in case you're reading along, thinking you don't have time to do this...I'll go ahead and reassure you that taking some time to slow down/craft in the midst of this crazy holiday season does wonders for the soul. Also, this project seriously only took 30 mins and looks adorable!


Paper Craft Pantry Blog DIY Wreath
  • Metal wreath ring
  • Faux evergreen garland
  • Faux eucalyptus branch
  • Faux white mum
  • Floral wire + tape
  • Hot glue gun
  • Scissors + floral wire cutter

Start by cutting down your pieces of faux florals, and layering 5-6" pieces of the evergreen garland through the metal wreath ring.

Layer in the eucalyptus branch pieces (I chose to leave them off to the side to create an asymmetrical look), and add in your mum — or flower of your choice — using hot glue to anchor the wreath + add a pop of color against all the greenery!

Pro-Tip: Add in some live greenery or add colorful florals to let this wreath transition through the seasons!

Paper Craft Pantry Blog DIY Evergreen Wreath
Paper Craft Pantry Blog DIY Faux Floral Wreath
Paper Craft Pantry Blog DIY Seasonal Wreath