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1023 Springdale Road, Building 6B
Austin, TX, 78721
United States

Austin's favorite stationery shop and workshop studio.


The Paper + Craft Pantry blog is home to our latest DIY projects, current inspiration sources, and small business advice. 

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How-To: Shop Small + Local Year Round

Pei Sim

The Paper + Craft Pantry Small Business School Blog: Shopping Small + Local

Can you believe 2017 is coming to a close?

We hosted our last Small Business School #IRL panel in the studio at the end of November, focusing on the small business lifestyle and what it means to support small businesses. We had an amazing line-up of panelists who all owned their own businesses right here in Austin- April Onebane with Pieceology Vintage, Ashely Chinni with Ash Grove Studio and Celeste King with Catapult Creative Logistics, moderated by Chelsea Francis with Chelsea Laine Francis. It was the perfect mix of product based + service based businesses. 

Although the holiday season is important for most businesses, we wanted to really dive into the conversation of how to truly shop small and local year round. How many times have you heard of someone saying that their favorite local coffee shop, or mom & pop bakery closed? It's more important now than ever to really put your money where it can have the biggest impact right here in your community.

With the ease and immediate turn around of free, even same day deliveries, it's difficult for a small local business to compete. Mass production allows big box shops to offer much lower priced items than artisans who hand make all their wares. Shopping small doesn't need to just be for the holidays or for special occasions either. Small businesses depend on folks who intentionally shop local and loyal customers all year long! Check out what our panelists had to say below.

I love a good Amazon Prime deal, but I make a conscious effort to shop small knowing how much small businesses depend on the holiday season!
— Celeste King, Catapult Creative Logistics
I shop small as often as possible, even with day to day life stuff. Shopping at local pet shops in Austin, so not just things or material objects. There’s a lot of pressure out there to buy and own certain things that look good online/on Instagram, but I try to stay true to thoughtful items that mean more to me.
— Ashley Chinni, Ash Grove Studio

When you shop small, your dollar goes much farther. It goes into supporting the business owner's livelihood, it goes towards them growing their business, reinvesting in their business, adding value into this community. It trickles down from the actual product or service you purchased and makes such a huge impact!

Buying something from someone in person, makes you think about that person overtime you use it. There’s an investment into not only the product but the person.
— Celeste King, Catapult Creative Logistics

Shopping small and local definitely costs more, and perhaps you're not able to gift presents in large quantities but it can be more meaningful and personal.

Investing more into things that are sustainable is really important to me. I have a lot of friends who own businesses, so I support them as much as possible.
— April Onebane, Pieceology Vintage
You have to be okay with not getting “as much” because you can probably find something cheaper online. But it is a trickle effect on our economy when you purchase from a small business, and when you gift something that’s form a local business- the person who receives it is then exposed to this small business.
— Celeste King, Catapult Creative Logistics
It pushes me to be more thoughtful on what I choose to buy- there are people in your life you want to really get meaningful goods for. Being able to connect with the person behind the business means a lot to me.
— Ashley Chinni, Ash Grove Studio

Will you be shopping small and local this holiday season? What about throughout the year? Have any great local businesses you think we should know about! Let us know in the comments below! 


Round Up: Our Favorite Stationery Shops

Pei Sim


We're team stationery with an "E" and we're guessing you are too!


From the West coast to the East, we're sharing some of our favorite paper shops across the U.S.A.  As true paper lovers, we're always on the hunt for new stationery stores to visit when we travel and love getting inspiration through Instagram from some of these spots we've yet to visit ourselves. 

Most of these places are exclusively focused on stationery and though some aren't necessarily just stationery, they qualify because they're independently owned and have a pretty rad selection of paper goodies, scroll down and check them all out!

So go ahead and add these darling shops to your must visit list :) And if you haven't already added us to your list, go ahead and do that too! 

Constellation & Co.

Seattle, WA

Shout And About

Echo Park, CA

Smitten On Paper

Monrovia, CA


Venice, CA

Short Hand

Los Angeles, CA


Kansas City, MO

Chirps & Cheers

Oklahoma City, OK


Tulsa, OK

Lion Heart Prints

New Orleans, LA

Shindig Paperie

Fayetteville AR

Greer Chicago

Chicago, IL

Mac & Murphy

Charleston, SC

Paper Goat Post

Orlando, FL

Rifle Paper

Winterpark, FL

CW Pencil Enterprise

New York, NY 

Pink Olive

Brooklyn, NY


Did we miss some of your favorite shops? Let us know below so we can add to our list :)