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Small Business Chats: Savannah Kurka

Pei Sim

We are so happy to have Savannah Kurka, the founder of Savvie Studio, back to The Paper + Craft Pantry to teach another workshop this week! We thought this time around, we would give you the inside scoop on all things Savvie so you can get as excited as we are!

What do you think your favorite thing is about teaching a class? 

My absolute favorite part of teaching classes is the moment that students step back and realize that they accomplished exactly what they aimed to do. During my weaving classes, students often get so caught up in the process and when it is time to take their woven masterpiece off the loom, there is this magical moment when they realize that they have created a real and beautiful piece of art!

What have you been inspired by lately?

Very recently, I have been so inspired by the colors of spring that have been popping up in my corner of North Texas. I have been in a huge rut when it comes to playing with color for a few months now and the bright hues my reignited my love for color!

When did you first start weaving? How did you learn it?

The first time I ever tried my hand at weaving was during art camp as a kiddo. I remember bringing home my little cardboard loom and weaving for hours upon hours. In college I had the opportunity to take weaving as an elective and that was when I really fell in love with the craft. It quickly became a form of stress relief for me and I started looking for any excuse to slip away to the weaving studio. After that first class, I took any opportunity to fill my schedule with fiber based classes. 

Any advice for someone who wants to get into weaving?

Take your time. It can be an intimidating process to learn but once you get the basics down, you will really surprise yourself with what you are capable of. I also suggest starting out with a lap loom, or something similar. There are a million different styles to choose from when it comes to a loom and they all have their own unique qualities. When I was re-learning weaving in college, I started out on a giant floor loom. It was an incredible experience but looking back, I think I would have eliminated a lot of initial frustration if I had started with something a bit more simple.