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D.I.Y.: Hand Knotted Tassel Earrings

Pei Sim

Free Pattern for D.I.Y. Hand Knotted Tassel Macrame Earrings

We're obsessed with all things macramé over here! And, given how quickly our Macrame workshop sold out this month, we know y'all must be too. 

Since tassel earrings have also been all the rage this summer, we were inspired to create our own version that incorporated some macramé ! The end result? These adorable hand knotted tassel earrings! 

Keep reading below to get the free macramé pattern and learn to how to make a pair for yourself (or a friend!) Don't forget to tag your creations on Instagram for a chance to be featured on our feed! 

Casual D.I.Y. Hand Knotted & Wooden Bead Macrame Earrings



  • Thin cotton cord
  • Colorful bakers twine (optional)
  • Wooden beads
  • Scissors
  • Wire hoop earrings
  • Washi tape



  1. Start by measuring (16) equal pieces of thin cotton cord, measuring 2' long. We chose to substitute (4) of these strands for a muted grey and pink ombre bakers twine to add an interesting accent to our macramé pattern.   

  2. Divide your strands into two sets of (8) per earring.

  3. Tie each strand evenly around the metal hoop using the Lark's Head knot

  4. Once the (8) strings have been attached to the metal hoop, you will notice that they create (16) total strands to work with. *Pro-Tip: You will want to use the washi tape to secure the hoop earring to a table or flat surface to make the knotting a little easier! 

  5. From here you will be working in rows, with a series of "drops" to create the tapered effect on the earring. You will only be working with the THREE types of knots listed above, so get familiar with them and maybe even practice each style before starting on your design. Keep in mind that for a square knot you want to always be working with 4 strings at one time, and remember not to pull the knots too tightly! 

  6. Follow the pattern below👇🏼 to create these fun macramé tassel earrings! 

  7. After creating the series of square and diagonal half hitch knots, single knot each pair of strings on the backside of the earring. 

  8. Depending on how many tassels you want on the bottom edge, trim the strands accordingly. Where there are no tassels you will want to cut the strand as close to the knot as possible on the back of the earring.

  9. Cut the tassels 1/4" - 1" long and fray the strings by twisting and brushing them with your fingers. *Pro-Tip: getting the cotton cord slightly wet helps to separate the strands from each other as you roll them gently between your fingers. 


1st Row: Tie (4) square knots
2nd Row: Drop the first (1) strand on each side and tie (3) square knots, dropping the middle (2) strands.
3rd Row: Tie a square knot on either side, and when you reach the 4th strand on each side, string one of the wooden beads and tie a square knot around it. Create a series of (2) square knots in the middle of the two beads. 
4th Row: Drop the first (2) strands on either side, and tie square knots across the row, dropping the extra middle (2) strings
5th Row: Drop the first (4) strands on either side, and tie square knots across the row
8th Row: Drop the first (6) strands on either side, and tie (2) square knots in the middle
9th Row: Take the end string on either side and lay it diagonally across the border of knots you just completed, tape both strands at the center point. This is known as your "Holding Cord." Complete a row of diagonal half hitch knots down the holding cord on each side. Double knot on the backside of the earring when you reach the middle.

*Reference the steps (above) to learn how to make the tassel ends! 

Free Pattern for D.I.Y. Macrame and Wooden Bead Earrings
Free Pattern for Hand Knotted Cotton Cord Tassel Earrings
Free Pattern for D.I.Y. Hand Knotted Macrame Earrings